In addition to the stated product prices, 5.50 € shipping costs are added for domestic shipping.

For deliveries outside of Germany (EU) shipping costs of 15,00 € are added to the product prices.

Deliveries to Japan and Taiwan are 65,00€. Packages to Singapur are calculated with 50,00€. 

Shipping costs to the USA are 40,00€. 

Due to the corona virus, the dispatch of small packages and parcels to the USA and Asian countries will be done by sea until further notice. Delivery times of more than 30 days are possible.

When you order a photo print, we insure your package. For packages within Germany we charge 15,00 €. For packages outside Germany 20,00 € shipping costs are added. 

We deliver only in the dispatch way. A self-collection of the commodity is not possible.